Personal Trainer

Megan Pierce

I really started getting into fitness and running about 8 years ago, but before that I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. I took antidepressants for a long time, didn’t exercise, not to mention my unhealthy diet. My lifestyle was toxic and I was obese. It took a couple years of gradual lifestyle changes like incorporating exercise, eating and living clean, and my love for myself and fitness was full bloom.

I look at exercise now as something similar to a hygiene habit, like brushing your teeth or hair. Not just something you NEED to do, but something you will make a part of your normal routine, plus look forward to doing it. I believe we are given this one body and one life, and my ultimate goal is to help others make the most of it!
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Weight Management Specialist
  • CPR -AHA
  • Nappanee
To register for a personal training program, please email [email protected]