I grew up playing all kinds of sports. Basketball, baseball,
football, soccer… if there was a ball involved, so was I! But
I never really understood what it meant to be physically
healthy and fit until high school and that is where my
passion for physical fitness began. I believe that being
healthy is more then just exercising and eating well. It’s
about improving your quality of life in all aspects
including: mental, physical, social, and even spiritual
health. I decided that I want to help share my passion for
helping people achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle
and studied exercise science at Huntington University.
During my time in college, I was able to excel in multiple
different facets of fitness including: training in Mixed
Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and working as the
assistant strength and conditioning coach at Huron High
School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After college, I received a
certification in personal training under ISSA. My current
goal in life is to be able to help people achieve their
personal goals in living a healthy life. Whether you are
new to physical fitness or you’re a seasoned athlete, I
would love to help you take your next steps on your
physical wellness journey!

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Nutrition Coach
  • ISSA CPR AED Certification
  • Eastlake CR 17
  • Eastlake Ares
  • Eastlake Elkhart
To register for a personal training program, please email [email protected]