Child Care

At Eastlake we value family, which is why we provide childcare up to age 12.  A spectrum of activities are available and friendly staff are sure to keep your kids engaged during your workout!  We have two staff members on hand during peak times for group exercise.

This program is absolutely free to members!


  • Eastlake Elkhart
  • Eastlake 24 Nappanee
  • Eastlake Ares
  • Eastlake 24 SR 23

This program is absolutely free to members!

Child Care Hours

Day Hours
Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm4:30pm-7:30pm
Friday & Saturday  9am-12pm

Day Hours
Monday-Thursday 4pm-8pm

Day Hours
Monday-Friday 9am-11:30am, 4:30pm-7:30pm
Saturday 9am-11am

Day Hours
Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, 4pm-8pm
Saturday 8am-12pm

Day Hours
Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, 4pm-7pm
Saturday 4pm-12pm

Day Hours
Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm
Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-5pm
Sunday 1pm-5pm

Day Hours
Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm
Friday 4am-6pm