Can a student membership have add-ons?

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Since students receive a discounted membership, they cannot add dependents. However, if a student has a spouse or child who would like to join on the account at the $19 add-on dependent price, we can change the primary account holder

How much are memberships?

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Individual memberships start at $29/month with an additional one-time enrollment fee of $25. This gives you access to all 15 locations and all Eastlake amenities, including free tanning, group fitness classes, sports facilities, free child care (at most locations), and

How do I sign up for a new membership?

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Signing up for an Eastlake membership is easy! Just click the "Become a Member" button at the top left side of the menu and follow the simple instructions. You can also activate your membership in person at any of our

What is your guest policy?

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Guests can purchase a day-pass to any of our fitness centers for $7. If he/she decides to sign up for that month, we'll credit their account $7 off their first month. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook to

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