COVID-19 Update

Dear Eastlake and Fistop24 members,

Since we have opened many of our clubs, we’d like to provide information about membership fees and hours of operation. Our Indiana clubs officially opened on May 26th for fitness and tennis. We will open our clubs on Tuesday, May 26th for fitness and tennis. Our main larger clubs have resumed regular hours (Elkhart on Henke, Ares in Goshen, Granger on SR23 and Warsaw). All other 24 hour clubs open at 11am on Tuesday May 26th. There will be no childcare or group fitness initially, and we will evaluate the introduction of those back into our clubs on a regular basis. The following is a fact sheet about membership that we hope will answer your questions.

  • Indiana home club members who were not charged during the month of March (anyone with a billing date of the 25th- end of month) – these memberships will resume billing on May 25th.
  • Indiana home club members who were charged in the beginning of the month before the 25th of March, your billing will not resume until your regularly scheduled date for June. So this means you will be able to use the clubs for the rest of May without being billed.
  • This billing process will adjust for the few days of March we were closed and you were unable to use the clubs.
  • Paid in Full memberships will be extended by the exact amount of days we were closed, unless the term paid for ended during the shutdown, for which you will receive an extension based on how many days left you had paid for.
  • We understand that since your billing has been on pause for some time, it may come as a surprise for those who do not see this announcement, so there will not be late fees or service fees charged for the first 30 days of us reopening.
  • Michigan home club members may use the Indiana clubs, with a $1 day pass fee, as this is approximately the daily rate for individual members. Since it is still unknown the reopening date for Michigan clubs, we will only be selling day passes at the $1 rate. There will be no 1 week, 2 week or 1 month passes sold to current members with a Michigan home club.
  • If you have a personal training plan that is a recurring charge, those charges will all be moved 30 days back. But you may pay early in club with your trainer if you have no current sessions available from your payment back in March
  • If you have a membership plan with a regular scheduled enhancement fee that did not run during the shutdown, these will be pushed back to July 1st. All other enhancement fee schedules resume in June.

As members you may want to know what our staff are doing to provide extra care for the safety and cleanliness of the gyms. The following is a list of things we are doing to boost our cleaning and safety efforts

  • Increase frequency of spraying down machines with CDC approved disinfectant
  • Increase in signage posted for members to disinfect their machines before and after use
  • We have provided materials to staff relating to the COVID – 19 so they are educated and prepared to monitor social distancing and health checks
  • Temporarily stopped towel service to reduce risk
  • Increase frequency of changing the cleaning rags for machines
  • Staff will wear masks, members are not required.
  • Touchless transactions. We use electronic system and sanitize signature pad between use.  Members encouraged to place credit card on file.
  • Drinking fountains closed temporarily
  • Saunas closed temporarily
  • Providing approved hand sanitizer at front desk for people to use upon entry
  • Propping open doors to locker rooms when possible to reduce contact


Eastlake Owners & Management