Personal Trainer

Kirt Grubb

I first started my fitness journey prior to joining the Marine Corps but I didn’t fall in love with fitness until after sustaining a major injury in an unfortunate accident during my service. I broke my ankle in multiple places and had to go through several months of Physical therapy. Thanks to the trainers I worked with I regained movement and began to delve more and more into health and fitness. Eventually I was promoted to a NCO where I took over morning training sessions and my companies Body Composition Program and dedicated myself to helping my Marines reach their physical and mental goals while making sure to avoid injury. After my career as a Marine ended I transitioned that mentality to helping clients achieve their goals effectively and safely.
  • SSA Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Nutrition Coach
  • Eastlake 24 Goshen
  • Eastlake 24 Middlebury
  • Eastlake 24 Ares
  • Eastlake 24 Nappanee
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